Try These Foods To Maintain Good Dental Health 

Posted by McKeel Family Dentistry on Saturday, August 29, 2020

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Maintaining your dental health is an important task. Michael McKeel, DMD and the staff at McKeel Family Dentistry are eager to help Gresham locals maintain good dental health. In addition to offering Gresham locals professional dental services, we also make sure that our Gresham patients knew how to maintain good dental health at home. Michael McKeel, DMD is proud to serve the people of Gresham and help them stay healthy through good dental health routines. 

Eat Healthy To Keep Your Teeth Healthy 

One of the many ways you can work to maintain good oral health is to eat right. There are several kinds of goods that are actually good for your dental health.  


Cheese, like milk and other dairy products, is rich in calcium. Calcium strengthens your enamel. Additionally, cheeses can be rich in protein, which both stabilizes and repairs your enamel. Of course, not all cheeses are the same so be sure to check the label to see how much calcium and protein any particular cheese has. 

Leafy Greens 

Leafy greens provide fiber, which is an important part of any diet. However, they’re also good for your teeth because they require a lot of chewing, which produces more saliva. Saliva acts as a defense against bacteria build up in your mouth. 

Raw Fruits And Veggies 

Some raw fruits and vegetables, such as pears, apples, cucumbers, and carrots, are also good because they require a lot of chewing. In addition to helping produce more saliva, this helps to strengthen your teeth. Chewing these fruits and veggies also cleans plaque from your teeth. 

Wild Salmon 

Fatty omega 3’s and Vitamin D are both found in wild salmon, which help your body to absorb and use calcium. 

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Dr. Michael L. McKeel, DMD., has almost 50 years of experience providing oral health services to the Gresham community and specializes in dental bonding procedures. We have a friendly, family-oriented staff committed to providing each of our patients with the best dental care services in Gresham and the areas surrounding. 

Trust McKeel Family Dentistry in Gresham to meet the needs of your family’s complete oral health. Learn about the wide range of dental services we offer, including children’s dentistrycosmetic dentistrydental bondingexams and cleanings, and much more. To schedule a visit or if you have questions, please contact us or call us at (503) 665-8888. 

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