How To Snack Healthy For Your Teeth 

Posted by McKeel Family Dentistry on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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Stay Healthy By Eating Healthy 

It’s a wellknown fact that how we eat affects our overall health, which is why maintaining a good diet is so important. Did you know, however, that how you eat can also affect your dental health? McKeel Family Dentistry wants to help Gresham locals learn how to eat healthy to maintain good dental health. When you feel a need to snack, stay away from the sweets and try the following instead. 

Cheese and Yogurt 

Both cheese and yogurt (plain, non-sugared yogurt) are great sources of enamel-strengthening calcium and protein. Cheese has been shown to raise the pH level in your mouth, which is useful for preventing tooth decay. Yogurt also carries beneficial probiotics, which can popular your mouth and push out the bad bacteria. 

Leafy Greens 

In general, leafy greens are great for your health. When it comes to dental health in particular, leafy greens provide calcium to strengthen your tooth enamel and folic acid (a type of vitamin B) which is known for its ability to possibly treat gum disease, in particular for pregnant women. 

Apples, Carrots, and Celery 

All of these are known for helping you to product saliva because of how much you need to chew. This helps to rinse away harmful things from your mouth. The texture of these foods also helps to clean your teeth a bit. 

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