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Posted by McKeel Family Dentistry on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Couple on Wedding day with perfect smiles

Your wedding day is a day you want to remember for your whole life, and you’ll likely keep pictures of the big day on display around your home after. Michael McKeel, DMD understands how important it is for Gresham couples to have their best smiles for their wedding day. Your smiles, like everything else at your wedding, need to be picture perfect.

Michael McKeel, DMD and the team at McKeel Family Dentistry are ready to help you achieve beautiful smiles for your wedding day. Gresham patients can rely on McKeel Family Dentistry to help improve their smile. For the best smiles, try the following:

Whiten Your Teeth

To make sure your teeth are as bright white as the wedding dress, Gresham patients should consider having teeth whitening done before the big day. Getting teeth whitening done professionally beforehand can leave with you beautiful, bright smiles that will look amazing in pictures. Michael McKeel, DMD offers quality whitening services at McKeel Family Dentistry for Gresham patients. Be sure to schedule your teeth whitening the day before your wedding, not the day of. Teeth whitening can leave your teeth feeling sensitive. By doing it the day before, you can avoid feeling sensitive on your wedding day.

Schedule A Dental Appointment Early On

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day on during your honeymoon is a toothache or cavity. Gresham patients should be sure to see your dentist regularly. Schedule an appointment with Michael McKeel, DMD early on to be prepared and ensure there’s time to see to any dental health needs.

Must-Haves For Your Wedding Day

Brides and grooms alike may want to have a little emergency kit for when they get ready, and including floss and a small compact mirror can save you embarrassment later. Gresham locals who brush regularly shouldn’t have a problem with bad breath, but if you’re worried you can also carry sugarless gum on you to freshen it up a bit.

As you enter your life as a married couple, be sure to stick to your commitment to dental health. Brush and floss regularly, and don’t fall behind on your dental checkups.

Smile Bright And Beautiful Every Day With McKeel Family Dentistry

Making regular visits to your dentist is the key to maintaining good dental health.

Dr. Michael L. McKeel, DMD., has almost 50 years of experience providing oral health services to the Gresham community and specializes in dental bonding procedures. We have a friendly, family-oriented staff committed to providing each of our patients with the best dental care services in Gresham.

Trust McKeel Family Dentistry in Gresham to meet the needs of your family’s complete oral health. Learn about the wide range of dental services we offer, including children’s dentistrycosmetic dentistry, dental bonding, exams and cleanings, and much more. To schedule a visit or if you have questions, please contact us or call us at (503) 665-8888.

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