At McKeel Family Dentistry bonding is a true artistic specialty. We offer a dental bonding procedure in which we use a tooth-colored composite and bond it to the problem tooth. This quick procedure can be used for many different reasons. Composite is even used to build Boeing Jets. It is the coolest material ever.

Dental bonding can be easily applied to problem teeth. If you have tooth decay, chipped teeth, misaligned, or discolored teeth, then dental bonding may be a great treatment for you. While this procedure is done to make the appearance of a tooth better, it also helps to protect the tooth. It is interesting that bonding is a super cost conscious way to treating smiles, many times it requires no shots.

At the McKeel Family Dentistry, we make dental bonding easy for each patient. We will make sure it’s quick, painless, matches the color you need, and can take less than one hour to perform. To learn more about our dental bonding services, please call (503) 665-8888 or visit us at our Gresham location.