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Posted by McKeel Family Dentistry on Friday, June 19, 2020

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Michael McKeel, DMD and the staff at McKeel Family Dentistry value the dental health of Gresham families. It is our goal to provide high-quality, professional dental services to those in need. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our services are currently limited to emergency procedures only. However, we are still able to offer Gresham families advice on how to care for themselves at home. Michael McKeel, DMD and his staff offer the following advice on taking care of your dental health while at home.

Floss The Right Way!

Flossing, is, of course, a necessary part of any daily dental routine. Be sure that you are flossing the right way!

How Much Floss Should I Use?

When it comes to flossing, don’t try to use a small piece. Break off a piece at about 18 inched long, wind it around your middle fingers, and hold between your forefingers and thumbs while flossing. The length allows you to use a fresh new section of floss as you move on to flossing a new area.

How Should I Floss?

Gently rub the sides of your teeth up and down with the floss, removing plaque and food. Curve the floss against your tooth, making a C-shape. Don’t press the floss into your gums. Floss each side of each tooth, using a fresh section of floss every time.

Floss Every Day!

You should floss every day. At least once a day while after brushing your teeth, be sure to floss them as well.

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